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MaST Research Institute

Sarasota High School

STEM Research Magnet Program

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About MaST

In the fall of 1995, the School of Excellence in Math, Science, and Technology (MaST) was established at SHS (Sarasota High School). The MaST Research Institute operates as a school-within-a-school and is intended to provide qualified students with a rigorous enriched curriculum to prepare them for entry into Math, Science, Medical or Engineering related careers following high school.


The program offers an advanced academic core through Sarasota High's AICE courses coupled with faculty supervised research in the STEM field of the student's choosing. In addition to traditional STEM research fields such as physical, life, and environmental science, we are proud to offer the opportunity for students to pursue expert-mentored behavioral sciences such as psychology and sociology. Over the history of the program, MaST students have been awarded a multitude of prizes and accolades at local, state, and international STEM research competitions.

We are proud to incorporate the AP Capstone program into MaST, which provides the opportunity for students to earn college credit and the AP Capstone Certificate for their research efforts their sophomore and junior years in the program. With a consistent pass rates at higher than state and national averages, the implementation of the AP Capstone program into MaST has been extremely successful.


The MaST Research Institute offers students a competitive edge when applying to university degree programs, with MaST graduates attending the state and nation's top Universities following high school.

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College Admissions

MaST students have been admitted to some of the nation's top universities such as Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Stanford and Duke.

Research Funding

Through our MaST Boosters non-profit organization, student research supplies and equipment as well as classroom supplies and other needs are able to be funded.

Research Field Choice

With faculty mentors across a variety of fields, students are able to pursue research in almost any STEM area.

Awards and Accolades

By entering their research into various competitions and conferences, MaST students have the opportunity to showcase their work at the highest levels and are often awarded for it.

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