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10 Articles Assignment - Due Monday August 15th




We are so excited that you will be joining us this year at Sarasota High in the MaST Research Institute.  Scientific research is amazing, fun, and always changing.  This project will serve as our tool as we help you discover how to do an in-depth research project on your own.


To do any research project, first you have to have a topic/question you are trying to answer.  Finding this topic is not always the easiest task for a lot of people.  So, we have a little assignment for you that will be due the first Wednesday of school to help make that part of the process easier for you.  Here's what you need to do:


1.  Find and read 10 current articles from ANYWHERE that have to do with science, math, engineering, etc.  Try to find articles that interest you...if you start reading one and you're asleep 2 minutes into reading it, don't use that one.  You can use popular magazines (such as Popular Science, Discovery, etc.), newspapers, and science news sites on the internet.  The best site we have come across is found at  It has current articles from all disciplines of science...everything from why a baseball curves to what the newest methods are to battle cancer.


2.  In a Word document, reference each article in the following fashion:

            1.  "Title of Article" by Authors' names, Year Published, website address/magazine name & pg.#s/newspaper title


3.  Under each reference, write a basic (appx. 5 sentence) summary of each article.  Make sure to include what questions were being asked/answered, why it's considered important, how it was tested, what the results are, and what the results mean.


4.  Make sure you save it in more than one place if you are on a computer!  Only when you are totally done, place a star next to your three favorite articles. PRINT the final copy and bring to class on the 15th.


Trust us when we say that this will make your decision-making process much easier than if we just told you to "find a topic."  If you already have an idea of what you like or want to study, get your articles based on that area.  If you have no clue what you want to do, search from all areas of science and find things that seem interesting to you.  Don't forget to bring these to class...we'll check the first week for your progress, but the assignment is due on Monday the 15th of August.


Have a great end to your summer...see you in class!  


As always, GO SAILORS!


Mr. Harshman, Ms. Dennis, Mr. Stevenson, & Mr. Hughes

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