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The Math Science and Technology (MaST) Research Institute (MRI) at Sarasota High School is a magnet program for students wishing to conduct college-level research studies from 9th through 12th grades. Students explore problems that they wish to address through a scientific research study in the math, science, and/or technology fields. MRI offers students the opportunity to conduct hands-on research guided by qualified instructors and mentors in the scientific community within the region at universities, and/or engineering and technology firms. Students compete in regional, national, and international science competitions, science fairs, and summer programs.  MRI students have consistently won honors and awards at each level, with many students going on to the Nation’s top research universities to continue their scientific inquiry. Since its inception in 1995, MRI graduates have been admitted to Harvard, Duke, Princeton, Stanford, Brown, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Florida, and more. 

What is MaST?


Ideally, students in the MaST Reserarch Institute will experience 4 years of research experience...from instruction to their own independent and growing research projects!  Upcoming sophomores are welcomed into the program as well, but must take the introductory research course.  Details on admission requirements can be found under the "Current Student" link above.  


The 4 years in the program are different for each student, your research interests may even play a part in which courses you take!  Your research course will be scheduled into the regular school day, and other classes will be scheduled with the AICE coordinator or your guidance counselor.


The 4 year progression of what you will learn and accomplish in the MaST Research Institute will look like this:


Freshman year

Introduction to basic research skills, including:

- Introduction to the scientific method

- Reading published scientific research articles

- Unique research project development

- Original hypothesis development


Sophomore year

- Full development of unique research project

- Article readings concentrating on a specific subject

- Written research plans

- Development of a relationship with outside mentor(s) from the community to be a guide for research projects

- Entrance to Sarasota County Regional Science Fair

- Possible attendance of summer research internship


Junior year

- A clear understanding of unique research is attained

- Work built off of research from sophomore year, but more rigorous and concise

- Research project is expected to place in the Sarasota County Regional Science Fair

- Possible attendance of summer research internship


Senior year

- Culmination of all work and knowledge from previous years’ research

- Continued research from junior year with a new plan and hypothesis

- Research project is expected to place in the Sarasota County Regional Science Fair

- Presentation and defense of research at annual MaST Research Symposium


All Students

- Compete in local, state, and international competitions, including:

- Florida Junior Academy of Sciences

- Junior Science Engineering and Humanities Symposium

- International ISWEEEP Competition


Any student who has a strong desire towards research in math, science, technology, and/or engineering is a fit for the MaST Research Institute and as long as they are enrolled at Sarasota High School, they will be afforded the opportunity to participate in the program and complete research.  


Graduation as a MaST Research Scholar is one of the highest honors afforded to a Sarasota High School student.  Our MaST Research Scholars, upon successful defense of their work at their senior symposium, receive a medallion that they wear at graduation, special recognition in the graduation program, and the MaST Seal on their diploma.  Of course, their achievements mean even more...a unique "edge" when applying to college, a step up when compared to their future collegiate peers in many areas (presentation skills, lab skills, scientific writing skills, professional social skills, etc.), and unmatched real-world academic experiences.  The requirements to attain MaST Research Scholar status are:


- Cumulative 3.5 Weighted GPA Throughout High School


-Pass AT LEAST 6 PreAICE/AICE Science Courses or Equivalent*


-Pass AT LEAST 4 PreAICE/AICE Math Courses or Equivalent*

(Middle School Honors Math DOES Count)


-Entry into All Appliciable Contests Every Eligible Year


-Successful Defense of Work at Senior Symposium


*Passing of AICE Exams is not a requirement, but should be an expectation of the student!







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